About Us

With over 100 years of manufacturing and trading high-quality copper, brass, aluminum, and white metal utensils over a wide range, Shree Birbhadreshwor Bhada Pasal (SBBP) has established itself as a leading and successful venture that places quality and customer satisfaction as its primary priority. Your satisfaction is our business. SBBP is known for trading high quality, cost-effective, and durable household and kitchen products, which we believe is the key reason for our success that has lasted a century.

Late Mr. Moti Bahadur Tamrakar led down the foundation of SBBP in the late 1800s. With the generation change, this business also got the manufacturer to retailer to the wholesaler. This shop acquires a huge market share of utensil business in Bhaktapur. We focus on enhancing long-lasting customer relationships through our quality of products.

Why Choosing Us ?
Customer Satisfaction 80%
Innovation 60%
Integrity 65%
Best Quality 85%
Teamwork 70%